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First things first, we need to teach you a little bit about our Four Rules™. They're the secret sauce and where the magic happens.
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...“to be budgeted,” and then I make a plan for how to spend those calories. I track everything and adjust as I go.  It’s the Four Rules! Whether dollars or...
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...of the name. Create or edit the Renaming Rules. Use the plus or minus buttons to add or delete rules. Pro tip: When creating “is” rules, the rule will need...
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...get you set up for budgeting success. Video Course: YNAB’s Four Rules for Less Money Stress 24 Videos | Total Run Time: 58:25 Learn more about the Four Rules and...
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...really easily! And it’s not just an app, we’ll teach you EXACTLY how to master your money management and it starts with the Four Rules. YNAB’s Four Rules will help...
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...them together. Four Rules to Make Your Budget Stick If you’ve tried budgeting before, but nothing ever stuck—just give us a chance. There are a few keys to making a...
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...own aspirations—and YNAB’s Four Rules. You see, the Rules are the magic. The Rules help you be proactive and purposeful. The Rules help you uncover —and re-shape—spending habits you didn’t...
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...Rules:  If you find yourself feeling easily disorganized, YNAB’s Four Rules simplify the philosophy and methodology of budgeting in a way that changes how you think about money. Incorporating YNAB’s...
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