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Web Release Notes: September 11, 2018

Release Notes

Our Attempts to Delight You

  • Some time ago we added steps to help you create a goal to pay off your balance when you add a linked credit card account with a negative balance. If you happened to step backward in that process (say, to fix a typo in the account name) we’d lose the account name and you’d see a blank field instead. That’s fixed now.
  • The confirmation banners we show at the top of the screen (e.g. after confirming your email or resetting your password) now appear in front of the onboarding steps (if they’re visible, of course). They used to appear behind the onboarding steps, which is to say they didn’t appear at all. You just had to intuit the message we were conveying.
  • If you didn’t select a category in the “scheduled transaction” step of onboarding, we’d show a warning asking you to remedy the situation. But after you dutifully selected a category we failed to remove the warning. Fair is fair, and you’ve held up your end of the bargain, so we now happily remove the warning.

API News

  • Previously, we JSON-encoded validation errors before returning them in a 40X error response to the client. That didn’t work well. We now return a comma-delimited list of errors as a simple string.
  • We’ve updated our API spec to remove the “nullable” types (was: "type": ["string", "null”] ; now: "type": "string"), which are not officially supported in the Swagger 2.0 specification. We were using these mainly for some develop-time tooling support, but it caused trouble for folks using our spec in their own tooling. The API still returns null values where applicable; this just changes our spec.