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Web Release Notes: October 15, 2018

Release Notes

What We Have to Show for Our Work

  • Fixed a bug with the sorting of transfer account payees on tracking accounts.
  • We improved the performance of the YNAB 4 migration process on several fronts. Should be snappier now. (Tell me you didn’t just have the thought, “Oh, YNAB 4’s still a thing?”)
  • The edit transactions dropdown at the top of the register lists a bunch of actions you can perform on your selection. Some of those actions aren’t appropriate in some contexts, so we simply gray them out to visually *indicate* their inappropriateness for the given context and pray to all that is good that you don’t actually click on one of them. Well, after quiet reflection and careful consideration we’ve decided it makes more sense if we actually disable the buttons too. So we did. :half_heartedly_blown_birthday_horn_emoji:
  • When only some transactions are selected in the accounts page, we’re turning the check all checkbox to an uncheck all button. Handy!

API News

Learn about the YNAB API

  • The GET /budget/{budget_id}/.../transactions endpoints now support Delta Requests.
  • As a convenience, we allow you to pass in 'last-used' in lieu of an actual budget id. It’s supposed to return the budget you last used, obv. As an inconvenience, we sometimes returned deleted budgets. That’s fixed now and 'last-used' no longer considers deleted budgets.