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Web Release Notes: November 13, 2018

Release Notes

Answers to the “What Changed with YNAB” Quiz

  • We now support drag-and-drop file importing for Edge browsers. All the other browsers are happy to have Edge join the party, but if you’re going to come late, bring dessert.
  • We’ve made it more obvious how to create a new category when entering a transaction. Spoiler alert: you click the “Add Category” link that greets you when the popover opens. We used to wait until you started typing the category name before we showed the link. Now the link’s always visible.
  • When authorizing a Works with YNAB application, we now show the email address with which you are currently logged in. There’s a convenient logout link, too, if you need to switch accounts.
  • Direct Import: If there’s a known issue with your particular financial institution, we’ll display a modest “known connection issue” banner, with a link to “Show” more information. Problem was, you could click, click, clicky all day and you’d never see more information. That’s fixed now. Never seen this banner before? Cool.