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Web Release Notes: March 5, 2019

Release Notes

  • Direct Import: We fixed an issue where some transactions from different linked accounts could incorrectly import into the account being added or linked.
  • Move Money now shows available amounts from the currently selected budget month, rather than the current calendar month.
  • The status of iTunes Subscriptions through Apple shows more accurate and detailed information under My Account. Not that it was wrong before, but it’s much richer now.
  • You can now import transactions across all your linked accounts in the web app using the notification under “All Accounts”. It will include the grand total number of transactions available to import, approve, or categorize, and clicking the notification will trigger the import of available transactions, if any, while also filtering the list to display only those transactions. You may now import with reckless abandon.
  • The Turkish Lira becomes a first-class citizen as we now use its symbol, ₺, instead of our inauspicious placeholder, TL.
  • Budget-category-group checkboxes better reflect the state of their constituent sub-categories. It’s now more obvious when you have all, some, or no sub-categories selected for a given category group, whether that group is expanded or collapsed.
  • If you had any categories selected in your budget, then expanded or collapsed their category group (or just clicked the empty space in a category group row), we mistakenly de-selected your categories. Fixed now.
  • We’re now taking a more gentle approach to notify you of new releases, this present release notwithstanding.  Going forward we’ll pop up a little message to give you the option to “refresh” your browser immediately to get the new bits, or hold off on the update so you can finish whatever task is at hand. Regardless of your choice there, we also have an easy link to these very release notes, which may be the single most important item in this entire list. You can tell because it comes at the end, when most people have already given up reading. (If you are reading this bullet point in its entirety, please read it a second time to make up for all the people that punched out early. Thx.)

API News

  • We now explicitly designate the format (int32 or int64) of integer types in our OpenAPI spec. This change to the spec has no practical implications for our Javascript SDK and Ruby SDK, neither of which needed updating subsequent to this change. However, if you’re generating your own client library and your language of choice distinguishes between integer types, it’s time to update.