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Web Release Notes: March 20, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

  • We added renaming rules to ‘manage payees’ so you can now automate how your payees are renamed as they are imported.


Bug Fixes

  • Credit Card Payment categories in the ‘move money’ popover were always listed at the top instead of being in the same position as in your budget. Fixed now.
  • In the register:
    • Clicking the checkbox when editing a transaction no longer causes the edit button to enable/disable.
    • Overflow text no longer gets unceremoniously cut off. We add an ellipsis to soften the blow.
    • The placeholder on the memo input in splits has returned. We didn’t ask where it was, and it didn’t offer any explanation. We’re just going to leave it at that. No matter, we’re just happy it’s home.
    • When split amounts were mismatched, hitting escape would erase your work on the transaction. Now it just closes the warning, a slightly less obtrusive response.