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Web Release Notes: March 19, 2020

Release Notes

Today’s release is jam-packed. We’ve pumped up the jam. You could say that this release is our jam. Jam. You get the idea:

Now you can access your YNAB account using Sign in with Apple!

You’ve signed in with a password and you may have signed in with Google, but I don’t think you’ve truly lived until you’ve signed in with Apple. And now, you can (sign in with Apple)! Just think of how convenient it will be to not have to remember your password every time you go into YNAB to give dollars jobs.

The future has truly arrived…or, at least, this is a nice-to-have feature for all of you die hard Apple fans…are we calling you AppleHeads™? I am now.

If you want to make your sign ins more hard core (I know what I did there) head on over to your Account Settings and enable Sign in with Apple!

Other features and fixes in this release

  • When entering a payee for a transaction, we now only select an existing payee automatically if what you typed matches the beginning characters of that existing payee. For example, before this fix, you could type in “Shop” and YNAB could auto-select “Donut Shop.” Now, YNAB will still filter down to “Donut Shop,” but it would only automatically select it if you typed in “Donut.” Oh, great. And now, I want donuts.
  • When creating a “Payoff Balance by Date” goal on a Credit Card Payment Category, selecting a different month and/or year was not working in some cases. Our homie, Brady, came in and dropped the hammer on this bug. All fixed.
  • At very small resolutions, some users were having trouble seeing or clicking buttons when using File-based import. We used a little CSS magic and made a change so that you’ll still be able to see these buttons and click them.
Real time shot of Brady using CSS Magic