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Web Release Notes: March 19, 2019

Release Notes

  • When creating a category in the register, if you used the keyboard it would accidentally create the category twice. Now it only creates a single category as expected.
  • When changing a budget’s name, the browser’s title wasn’t updating. Fixed!
  • When transferring from one Budget Account to another, using tab to select a Transfer Payee was moving the cursor into the Category field. YNAB doesn’t even allow you to categorize transfers between Budget Accounts, so that wasn’t helpful. Now hitting tab will skip directly the Memo field instead.
  • Keyboard selection in the account register is back to normal, we had a bug where you couldn’t select rows across the regular transaction section and the scheduled transaction section.
  • You can now type “split” into the category dropdown to automatically select the ability to split the transaction. Or “s” or “Sp” or “sPL” or “SPLit” I think you get the point…