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Web Release Notes: March 10, 2020

Release Notes

For today’s release, think of YNAB as a really hot sports car…nope, that doesn’t work…maybe like a sensible hybrid that gets the job done, looks clean, yet simple? Maybe there’s a third row for picking up extra kids from basketball, or maybe you’re just putting the seats down for that Costco run where you cleaned them out of apocalypse toilet paper (please, don’t do this). Anyway, you get the idea. Let’s pretend YNAB is your ideal car…and today, we took it to the shop and made it even more…ideallier(?):

  • First stop is the auto body repair shop. We banged and buffed out a few dings from the wear and tear from all of your road trips. Before today’s release, If you created a really, really large goal target and budgeted a really, really small amount to the same category, you could get into a situation where syncing would fail. Kyle put some elbow grease behind this one and fixed it for you!
  • Next, we moved over to the internal messaging system. If you’re like me, you think that the Check Engine light is more of a suggestion than a demand, but messaging is important, so we made some tweaks: Before this update, clicking a Quick Budget button with no categories selected could apply budgeting to all categories. To prevent you from wiping out all your budgeting, we recently started showing a confirmation message. This message was incorrectly including the count of category groups and also indicating that all categories would have budgeting updated. But, depending upon the category, in some cases we might leave it as is! So, we adjusted the message to make this a bit more clear.
  • Who doesn’t love fuel efficiency…and POWER?!!! We made room for more Vroom (we should get this trademarked fast): The register is now faster! Those of you with large registers should notice a nice speed boost when performing actions in the register: sorting, filtering, editing, adding, etc. Scrolling is also a little less laggy.
  • Moving on to…we’ll call this…shocks and struts. It’s a split transaction fix, so I’m just looking for an analogy of something super useful and cool, but also kind of convoluted. Just kidding. We love you, split transactions! Never change…except for when we fix you. Have you ever clicked on a split transaction and it started editing the parent split? Now, if you click on a child split, it will actually start editing that child you clicked. Splitters rejoice!
  • Last stop: paint and detailing. Let’s get this puppy tricked out! Maybe some flames?? A saucy racing stripe? Skullzzzzz? Maybe not those things in particular, but we made visual updates to the settings menu and fixed a bug where the settings menu would show options for a previously opened budget. We also made some visual updates to the main sidebar navigation links.
Room to breathe…
Visual change will NOT add this many millions to your account, unfortunately

API News

Now you can now pass in include_accounts=true query parameter on /budgets endpoint to include each budget’s list of accounts. Bam! It is so on.