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Web Release Notes: June 25th, 2020

Release Notes

In today’s release, we focused on the inner beauty of the YNAB app and thought we didn’t have much to report, until we remembered the incredibly noteworthy update to all things goals last week and we FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT IT! So, let’s talk about it.

You’ve heard of #lifegoals and maybe even #squadgoals, but what about #goalgoals?! Last week, YNAB fulfilled everyone’s #goalgoals by taking goals in YNAB to the next level. When setting goals in YNAB you’ll now have quite a few more options to help you accomplish all of your #moneygoals.

Of particular sparkly-ness:

  • You can now set a target day of the month for Monthly goals.
  • You can set Weekly goals and specify by day.
  • You can repeat goals every “n” months/years. And “n” in this case stands for number..I think…or maybe just months that start with “n”…November? Napril? Hmm….

Read more about the updates to goals.