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Web Release Notes: June 11, 2020

Release Notes

In today’s release, we fixed the vertical centering on the buttons throughout the app…we’re prefectionists perfectioniss perfectionists:

Dance, buttons, dance!!!
Look at you go, you crazy button!
Front and center(ed)…horizontally…and now vertically

Some of you are going to read this and say, “buttons? That’s not a big deal!” And hey, I get it. It’s a nice, little bit of polish…and we love you for doing this, Kyle…but I want to be super clear that we just pushed out a ton of other changes as well. You’ll see them soon. I guess we could say that these features are “pending?”

Release #2 on June 11, 2020:

We identified and fixed a performance issue when importing direct transactions that caused our database to do more work than needed.