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Web Release Notes: July 3, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

  • You can now manage renaming rules for transfer payees in Manage Payees. (That’s actually a lot cooler than it sounds.)


  • The Direct Import add-account flow got assorted fixes/tweaks/improvements to its layout and navigation.
  • And the alert we show during that flow when there’s an active incident with your institution got some big design love. I hope you never see it.

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes clicking a register checkbox in just the wrong (right) spot would deselect all previously selected transactions. Now those previous selections persist.
  • With the “Show Scheduled Transactions” filter turned on, if you clicked on the “1 transaction needs to be approved or categorized” notification (which kicks off an “Is: Unapproved or Needs Category” search) then cleared that search, all your scheduled transactions disappeared (from sight, not existence). That no longer happens.

API News

  • The new /budgets/:id/settings endpoint allows you to get budget settings for a single budget. If you’re just looking for the date and/or currency settings for a single budget, this is your endpoint. Hitting /budgets/:id would be overkill in this case since it pulls down the entire budget.