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Web Release Notes: July 16, 2019

Release Notes

Today’s release includes quite a few behind-the-scenes structural changes for larger improvements we’re working on. As for changes that you will see after today’s updates, here are some of the highlights:

  • There is a famous saying in Norwegian (translated to English): “It all comes down to dollars and cents.” Except, I’m totally kidding. They don’t use dollars in Norway. It’s all about the Kroner. And it would be helpful for YNABers who use currencies with number formatting similar to the Kroner, if YNAB’s Net Worth report would show values without wrapping. So, we fixed that. We’ve added a little more width to our Net Worth Report tool tips to give a clearer picture for larger-numbered currencies (and multi-billionaires…just in case)
  • Fixed a bug in Safari that would occur when a user would hover over the “Share YNAB. Get Free YNAB” button multiple times, causing the button to turn black. It weirded us out too. But now, it’s fixed.
  • When scheduling transactions for Cash Accounts, there will never be an indicator from a bank that the transaction has cleared. So, to save you a little bit of time, YNAB will now automatically clear that scheduled transaction for you on the scheduled date (for Cash Accounts only).