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Web Release Notes: January 7, 2020

Release Notes

Picture this: It’s 2020. You’re in your flying car and you’re talking to your robot companion helper and you go to enter some account notes and also make some recurring goals to save for your Mars vacation in YNAB….you know, ‘cause it’s 2020 (psst…it’s the FUTURE). But then you realize three things:

  1. When you try to do a line break in the Account Notes section in YNAB, pressing shift + enter doesn’t do a line break, as expected. Ugh (and you were using your holographic keyboard, too…so disappointing).
  2. The “Make Recurring” button display looks a little off in the UI. C’mon!
  3. You don’t actually own a flying car and literally every science fiction author from the past was WAY off about 2020. But we do have Animojis that can make us look like a talking shark when we’re FaceTiming…so, we’re close.

The good news is that this release fixes those other two issues, so 2020 is looking OK already.