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Web Release Notes: January 10, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

  • The YNAB Alexa Skill is now available in Canada and Australia! If you were looking for the perfect reason to move to either of these wonderful countries, this might be it.

Bug Fixes

  • Scheduled inflows on credit card accounts could cause the available amount on a category to be displayed with a “negative” status (red) instead of the proper “caution” status (yellow). Fixed now.
  • YNAB 4-Migration News:
    • In some budgets migrated from YNAB 4 scheduled split transactions with transfers would not “fire” correctly when their time came. The split transactions would be created, but in certain cases the transfers wouldn’t be executed. This has been fixed.
    • Sometimes sub-transfers had different dates on each side of the transfer. We now ensure they match.
    • Sometimes split transfers would not correctly assign the transfer payee correctly on one side of the transfer. It’s now assigned correctly.
    • Scheduled transactions migrated from YNAB4 were skipping the first instance. For example, if you scheduled a transaction with daily frequency set to fire first on 2 January, it would not fire on 2 January but would instead start firing 3 January, then continue per schedule after that. We now handle the first instance properly.
  • We fixed some layout issues when confirming email from a mobile device.