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Web Release Notes: January 17, 2018

Release Notes


• We removed the Cancel button from the edit-category popover for debt categories since those categories are not editable. The remaining OK button is your escape hatch from the popover.
• We added some more generic payee names to the list of those we ignore when automatically renaming payees after direct importing transactions or importing from a file.

Bug Fixes

• We fixed an issue that prevented a small number of referral program credits from being applied. If you’re due a free month and haven’t gotten it, drop us a note at [email protected] and we’ll fix it up right quick!
• Recommended search wasn’t working for categories with the same name as a previously deleted category. It is now.
• Register dropdown search was not working properly for payees or categories with a colon. I:t i:s n:o:w.
• Register rows for transfer transactions were a tiny bit taller than their non-transfer brethren. No longer.