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Web Release Notes: January 24, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

  • We added an export button to export each of the reports as a CSV file. This exports data only. You’ll have to make your own pretty pixtures.
  • We added a “Record Payment” button (next to “Add Transaction” for credit card accounts. Click it and it’ll create a new transaction with helpful defaults, such as last-used payee and payment amount as inflow.


  • We added a “Payment or Transfer” button to the category dropdown when recording a credit card transaction. Click it and it’ll open the payee dropdown so you can select the proper account for the payment/transfer.
  • We changed how transfer payees are displayed to clarify whether they’re being used to pay a card or transferring money.
  • If you’re YNABing on a very small screen, you’ll notice that when searching for transactions the undo/redo buttons turn into an ellipsis (…). Fret not, dear very-small-screen YNABer, click the ellipsis and the undo/redo buttons will magically appear (and the search field will shrink a bit to give the buttons some room).
  • We implemented a considerable number of UI fixes to make things more consistent and refined. In the interest of conserving space, amusing myself, and transforming pedantry into novelty, I’ll list them without spaces:
    • roundedcornersforthecheckboxes
    • left-aligntheaddaccountbutton
    • useendashinsteadofhyphensforranges
    • increaseletterspacingfortextinallcaps
    • nodotted/dasheddividersoninspector
    • monthpickerdropdown,indicatecurrentmonth
    • newstyleonreconcilebutton
    • removesidebargradient
    • newloadingmessagestyle
    • removeiconsfromalmostallbuttons
  • If you set a flag on a scheduled transfer transaction, when the scheduled transaction fires the flag will now be applied to both sides of the transfer. Previously, that flag would only be applied to one side.
  • We changed the export confirmation label from “Don’t remind me” to “Don’t show again”. Select it and we’ll neither remind you nor show it again.

Bug Fixes

  • When matching transactions sometimes we’d create a duplicate transaction that couldn’t be approved or rejected. Frustrating and fixed.
  • Searching transactions by payee was not returning sub-transactions with empty payees when the parent transaction matched the search term. Now it does.
  • For users with the old-style onboarding, clicking the link to review TODO steps wasn’t working properly. Fixed.
  • Fix a crash that could happen when using “Enter Now” on scheduled transactions. Rare, but fixed nonetheless.
  • In the accounts header we were showing a “pointer” cursor for “Cleared Balance,” “Uncleared Balance”, and “Working Balance” when they were negative, as if there was some action to perform by clicking them. There isn’t, so we now show the default cursor (typically an arrow).