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Web Release Notes: January 24, 2020

Release Notes

Back when YNAB was just a spreadsheet, we only had one developer…and that was just our CEO/Founder, Jesse, creating fancy formulas and the sweetest macros Clippy’s eyes had ever beheld. But nowadays, we have dozens of developers and product designers. 

We have mobile developers for iOS and Android. We have developers who focus on the backend (coding in Ruby) our database (using SQL) and the frontend (using JavaScript, HTML and CSS). Most of our non-mobile developers are “full stack” developers. This normally means that they code in the backend, frontend and database.

In today’s release, one of our full stack devs, Kyle, got to flex his full stack dev chops (can one “flex” a chop?) outside of his normally front end world. Kyle fixed things so that, now, when creating an account for a credit card, if a user plans to pay a specific amount each month, YNAB will create a Monthly goal instead of a By Date goal. Here was the first review item that got checked off to complete this fix:

We also shipped a fix to the running balance feature that we released a few months ago. On an account with a large number of transactions with the same date, moving one of those transactions to the future (to make it a scheduled transaction) was breaking the running balances calculation. But we fixed this issue!…Hey YNABers, is your balance running? After this fix, you might want to go catch it! *rimshot*