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26 Jan 2016

Release Notes

  • The Age of Money calculation wasn’t bottoming out at zero when there were no more inflow “buckets” to draw outflows from.
  • We no longer tombstone starting balance payees. Nothing to do with the movie Tombstone.
  • We now correctly reject split subtransaction transfers when there’s a sync conflict.
  • We’re now only running Google Analytics code (for marketing) on initial signup. No need to have it anywhere else.
  • There was a rounding issue with the goal completion percentages. Our apologies to the math teachers!
  • For the Quick Budget average budgeted/spent, we were mistakenly including the next future month in the calculation. That makes no sense.
  • Now when you go back to the budget from an account screen, you’re brought to the last month viewed, and not the current month. Chalk that up as a victory over Annoying Things.
  • There were still some bugs remaining relating to scheduled transfer splits. Those are fixed.
  • On the login screen, ‘Remember me’ is no longer checked by default. (This change elicited a strong emotional response from the team.)
  • Scrolling was jumping around when saving/canceling an edit of a transaction. That’s been fixed. We’re still working on fixing the issue of jumpy scrolling while editing.
  • We’re now showing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators in the “To be Budgeted” formula so it is easier to, scientifically speaking, grok.