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23 Feb 2016

Release Notes

  • We resolved the issue with exporting from last week, so you can now really export your data—transactions and budget‚—in CSV format. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, YNAB exports as TSV, or “tab separated” format. Too many commas would get crazy, real quick.)
  • It’s usually not good to be insensitive. Except in sorting. Our Payee sorting used to be case sensitive, so ALL CAPS payees got WAY too much priority. Payees are now sorted in a case insensitive way. So Books are next to BOOTS.
  • You can now reuse and recycle a budget name if you’ve deleted it. Because no one needs a budget called “My Budget 6”.
  • We’ve updated the styling on messages in the Inspector, because we don’t want you to miss them. You won’t.
  • We fixed an issue where, if you had an upcoming transaction that was funded (nice!) and a goal that was not funded (uh-oh!), we still showed the category as green. That didn’t help you make decisions, because it should have been yellow (keep budgeting! move money!). Now it will be.