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21 June 2017

Release Notes

  • Some accounts migrated from YNAB 4 had an incorrect account type, which prevented them from being edited/saved. That’s both embarrassing and fixed.
  • If you changed your mind after bulk deleting a bunch of transactions, you’d have to undo them one by one. While some folks appreciated this added tedium in their lives, most apparently didn’t so we fixed it.
  • Our previous, ostensible fix to the register’s “Select All” checkbox caused it to appear as checked when no transactions were being displayed. Technically we could justify this behavior with some kind of half-cocked “Schrödinger’s checkbox” explanation, but no sane person would buy it so we unchecked the checkbox instead.
  • We made some improvements to direct import when disconnecting and reconnecting accounts in an effort to prevent importing previously downloaded transactions. (No cute, folksy discourse on this one since we’ve long ago realized banking data aggregation is the ultimate joke here. “Ha, ha, very funny…” – E. Murphy)
  • We now prevent you from connecting more banks with direct import than the maximum number allowed (rhymes with “punty thrive”). Seriously, if you think you need to connect so many banks, write in to our all-star support crew and tell them, “The release notes told me to write in about punty thrive. Why can’t I have punty thrive?” Once they figure out what punty thrive is, they’ll explain why you can’t, don’t need, and don’t want to have it.
  • The first person to tweet the entire catalog of the new summer loading messages will likely confuse a good number of their followers. We, however, will post your tweet to our internal #slack board and fawn over how awesome you, and our users in general, are.
  • Some minor security improvements, and a bunch of under the hood improvements and fixes. These types of things in an effort to give YNAB that “tight core” all the sportsy people are talkin’ about nowadays.