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Share the YNAB Love. Get Free Stuff.

It’s simple. Just tell your friends about YNAB and everybody wins!

Log In To Your Budget

Here’s How It Works

When you refer a friend or family member, and they subscribe with your referral link, you both get a free month of YNAB!* We’ll keep track as friends sign-up and subscribe so that it’s easy to see your free months multiply!

*Referral program is only available for subscriptions purchased directly through YNAB or the Google Play store.

Loving YNAB is so easy—and now it loves you back!

  • 1. Share Your Referral Link

    If you’re a YNAB subscriber, you have a unique referral link (check your “Love YNAB? Pay it forward” page link in the sidebar). When your friends subscribe through your link, you both get a free month of YNAB!

  • 2. Friends Clamor to Sign Up

    When friends use your link to sign up for a free trial, they show up on your Referral Dashboard, where you can track your additional free time, er, friendships. Here’s to more budgeting banter!

  • 3. Free Stuff Galore

    Remember, you only qualify for free time if your friends subscribe after their free trial—but they probably will, because YNAB! So share away and bring on the free YNAB time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Then you need to get better friends—just kidding!—but you won’t get any free time unless they subscribe. But for every friend, family member or frenemy who subscribes through your referral link, you will each get an additional free month of YNAB. Keep up the good work sharing YNAB—the sign-up is half the battle!

  • If you’ve checked your Account Settings, and you don’t see your free month, just email [email protected]  and they will right your free-month wrongs!

  • No limits! If you refer 100 friends who subscribe, we will gladly credit you 100 free months! This is a more the merrier situation!

  • Any free time will push back your renewal date accordingly. So, one free month will push back your renewal date one month, and so on and so forth. Let’s just say, we hope it’s a good, long time before you have to pay us again!

  • Great question. We have some ideas already in the works! We look forward to seeing the response to this program and rewarding our most prolific evangelists! Stay tuned!

  • Unfortunately, no. We’re starting fresh with this new program. But—truly—thank you! We’re so grateful for customers like you, who’ve shared YNAB over the years. Hopefully, you’ve still got some referrals in you and will see some free time in the near future!

  • We’re excited you want to share YNAB! If you’re still using your free trial, you’ll see the link after you subscribe. If you’ve already subscribed and you still don’t see the link, here are some common reasons the link may not be showing up. If you still have issues, email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

  • If your subscription was purchased directly from YNAB or the Google Play store, then you qualify to use the referral program! We have full control over subscriptions purchased through us, whereas we aren’t able to credit free time to subscriptions purchased through third-party apps.


  • We have a Referral Program help article that goes into more detail!