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Maximize Your Travel Budget

Make every dollar count by putting YNAB’s Four Rules into action.

Love How Your Spend Your Money

Vacation spending can be stressful, but a YNAB budget helps you prioritize and plan. When you want the street-artist caricature or the poolside cabana? You’re ready to pay guilt-free without racking up credit card debt.

You’ve never budgeted like this before.

Let Yourself Fully Relax

Spencer and his wife, Madeline took a stress-free, paid-in-cash trip to Disney and made sure there was always room to buy churros. But vacation wasn’t always like this.

“We used to monitor how much was in our accounts and if we paid our bills before we left. This even happens when you have enough money to enjoy yourselves. Things were just unnecessarily stressful.”

They started putting the Four Rules into practice with YNAB, and it’s made all the difference in having a relaxing getaway.

  • We Finally Enjoyed Vacation

    People don’t think having a plan equals relaxation. But to me, it was like night and day. We were able to go out and spend when we wanted to spend. Instead of checking our account, we were checking YNAB.”


Make the Most of Your Money

Make Your Travel Plan

Start organizing your vacation spending and saving in virtual envelopes in YNAB.

A Better Way to Travel the World

“Our first few trips were financial disasters. We used the credit card too much and felt frazzled and overstretched when we got home. Then we’d spend months paying off the travel bills. It didn’t feel very good at all.”

Change Your Relationship with Spending

Is spending full of guilt and shame? There’s a better way. Learn YNAB’s Four Rules for less money stress and change not just your next vacation, but all your days from here on out.