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Live Below Your Means, Invest the Rest

Get an organized look at your finances and habits.

Are You Coming Out Ahead?

With You Need A Budget, you’ll be able to ensure your expenses aren’t exceeding your income with our digital envelope system and four-rule method.

Forget everything you think you know about budgeting and get ready for total control.

A Budget That Finally Worked

Daniel and his wife had tried every budgeting system under the sun. But nothing seemed to stick.

“I wanted to see my income and spending, compared to an ever-changing budget, updated in real-time. I also wanted to set funds aside for lumpy expenses and surprises. This is the view we needed to make trade-offs, set goals, and prioritize.”

He finally found what he was looking for with YNAB—the method and app that finally worked.


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  • Optimize Your Income

    In the past two years, our household savings rate as a percent of gross income has grown from 6% to 27%. We max out our 401(k)s and save even more on top. ”

    -Daniel YNAB User
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Make Your Money Work Harder

Learn YNAB’s Four Rules

YNAB’s Four Rules are the secret sauce for less money stress. Use the rules and watch your account balances grow.

Create Better Financial Habits

Reduce your money stress and gain time back when it comes to managing your finances with these habits of successful budgeters.

Build Your Wealth

How do the rich and famous view the world differently? We don’t know about the famous, but we can tell you a thing or two about the secrets of the wealthy.