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Change Your Relationship With Money

Enjoy guilt-free spending and effortless saving with a friendly, flexible method for managing your finances.

Experience Financial Clarity

Do you ever wonder where all your money goes? With YNAB, you’ll finally experience financial clarity. You’ll know your average grocery spending down to the cent and have all the data points you need for making informed financial decisions.

With all that information at your fingertips, you can finally hone in to buy that dream house, pay off the last debt, or set yourself up to retire early. YNAB is like a laser beam that supercharges your dollars into a powerful force so you can reach your goals sooner.

Forget everything you think you know about budgeting and prepare to experience total control.

Optimize Your Income

Of all the people to know money inside and out, Daniel was a gold contender. But when it came to wrangling his own household finances, he was stressed and anxious for years.

“I bought a Rolex, I bought a TV. A lot of that was through debt, even though I made six figures.”

It all changed when he discovered budgeting as a wealth-building tool.

  • Optimize Your Income

    In the past two years, our household savings rate as a percent of gross income has grown from 6% to 27%. We max out our 401(k)s and save even more on top. ”

    -Daniel YNAB User

Make Your Money Work For You

  • Learn YNAB's Four Rules

    You’ve had it. You’ve been trying to get ahead in your finances for YEARS, but life keeps throwing you curveballs and setting you back. Build a strong financial foundation under you with these four simple rules that will change the way you think about (and handle) your money.
  • How to Save for a Vacation

    So you’re dreaming of your next vacation: a cozy cabin getaway, or a wide-open sandy beach: something to just get you away from your current grind. The location is almost set, now you just need to save money to get you there.
  • 6 Steps to Make Your Money Go Further

    Ok, so you need your current stash of money to last as long as it can. Sure, you might wish it were a bigger stash, but we’re not going to dwell on it and neither should you. It is what it is, now let’s get to work: here’s how to take your pile of money and make it build a bridge as far as it’ll take you over the murky bog of the future.

Love How You Spend Your Money.

Start saving and spending with confidence and clarity.