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The YNAB Debt Bootcamp

Sign up for this one-month challenge and learn how to pay down debt and save more money.

Sign up for a month-long email series full of our best lessons on how to get out of debt (and stay out!).

We’ll help you make a plan to live a debt-free life so you can achieve your financial goals and enjoy more peace of mind.

What to Expect

When you sign up for the Debt Bootcamp, you will receive:

  • Month-Long Email Course

    You’ll receive 14 emails total over the course of one month, with a new email every two or three days.

  • Homework & Worksheets

    These practical (and printable!) worksheets will help you apply what you’ve learned. Get your pencils sharpened.

  • Live Events

    You’ll be invited to live Q&A sessions with our expert teachers with plenty of time to answer your specific questions.

  • Supportive Community

    With access to our private YNAB Debt Bootcamp Facebook group, you’ll get motivation and accountability from others!

Stop Treading Water On Your Financial Goals

If you’re ready to learn how to pay down debt and save extra money, follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your email address above.
  • In the confirmation email you receive, click the link to confirm.
  • You’ll get a welcome email with some more info on what to expect and a link to join our YNAB Debt Bootcamp Facebook group.
  • Then, we’ll send you an email every two or three days full of awesome information to help you break the cycle of debt in your life!

Get Started Today

If you’re tired of making minimum payments, fearing unexpected expenses, or struggling with credit card debt, student loans, or monthly payments on borrowed money, YNAB’s unique method can help you break the cycle…for good.

I had been on YNAB for 2 years but it was the Reset and the Debt Bootcamp that finally made it all click for me.”

—Bootcamp Graduate

The Debt Bootcamp is AMAZING!! It has truly helped me get a handle on everything.”

—Bootcamp Graduate