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Learn More About YNAB’s Direct Import

It’s almost magical how fast and easy it is to reconcile. When it works it is seamless—dare we say, glorious?—and it makes everything better.

But for the other 15 percent of you, using Direct Import can be a frustrating mess. Our killer feature is killing you. It doesn’t matter if 93% of Chase accounts or 94% of Bank of America accounts (good numbers, right?) are connected successfully if that means a bunch of them are not. That’s a bunch too many.

Bank not connecting? See the current status on our import connections.

We want to share a whole lot about the who/what/when/where/why of how Direct Import works:

Banks do not want us—or anyone—to connect. They make it difficult at every turn.

We are building a tool that will make it easier to securely get credentials from interested and willing users, enabling us to get to the bottom of issues, and work better with different banks’ systems.

We’re also building some internal systems that will help our third-party provider better identify and track issues within the shared system we’ve built. We should have done this sooner.

We are very close to releasing a manual import feature that won’t solve direct import but will at least help ease the pain. Looking back, this is one we wish we had launched with.

In order to begin getting a handle on Support requests related to Direct Import, we had to turn on some auto-replies – but that kind of customer support isn’t all that supportive.

Worst of all, as we work through these issues as fast as we can (which is not yet as fast as they come in) it impacts how quickly we deliver all of our support.

If Direct Import is not working for you, we are so sorry and we won’t stop until we nail it. For anyone who hasn’t gotten a smart, fast and friendly response from our support team, we are even more sorry about that. We are moving in the right direction and can’t wait to wow you with that killer feature and the killer killer support (the good kind) to back it up.

Reach out to our support team anytime at help@youneedabudget.

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Learn More About YNAB’s Direct Import