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Why A Faithful Mint User Switched to YNAB

YNAB showed us how important awareness still is for our spending, even though we are well beyond paycheck-to-paycheck living.

Humbly Confident Seasonal Customer Support Specialist

Now Hiring: Humbly Confident Director of Product

7 Common Student Loan Mistakes

Student loans are a fact of life for many college grads these days and student loan mistakes are oh-so-easy to make. Learn how to avoid them!

What is a Health Savings Account?

What is a health savings account? Call it HSA for short - these might be the best deal you'll have in your lifetime! Let us explain.

Moving Tips: A Tale of Two Cities

Relocating isn't easy! Pick up a few moving tips about budgeting, packing, hiring professional help and settling into your new space.

4 Ways to Pay Off a Car Loan Fast

Amanda found herself with a $20,000 car loan, and she didn't love the feeling. Find out how she paid off her car loan fast with 4 quick tips.

How to Host a Virtual Retreat

It was a sad day when we cancelled our team retreat, but with some planning, we pulled off a virtual retreat that still captured the magic.

Melissa Goes Minimal to Crush $40k

We live in an insanely consumer-driven culture—go buy, and go big! And I’d fallen into the trap. Here's how I went minimalist to pay it off.

Insurance Deductibles 101

When it comes to budgeting for car-related expenses and health care needs, understanding your deductibles is key.

The Law of Fiscal Inertia 101

Changing the course you're on is hard. We fear change. Even the good kind. That’s why we always put stuff off until tomorrow. But that thing you’re putting off? It’s bound to stay put off.

How Your Budget Changes When Your Baby Is Born

Being a new parent is a tough (and wonderful) job, and it doesn’t need to be any tougher. Hopefully, my experiences can help you.