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How to Start a New Month in YNAB

Whether you want to give your dollars jobs manually or let Auto-Assign do most of the work, let's go over how to start a new month in YNAB.

5 Tips For Paying Down Debt

If you're trying to pay down debt, here are five tips from people who have been there. Plus, find out where to get support on your journey!

It's Easier Than Ever to Reconcile with YNAB

YNAB has a running balance feature to make reconciling your accounts easy. To enable, select View and check Show Running Balance (web only)

Budget Smarter with Smarter Goals

Grocery Budget for Two: How We Eat Healthy for $600/Month

The average grocery budget for two people is $600/month. See how we're able to buy healthy, wholesome food and not feel guilty about cost.

How to Use YNAB Mobile Search

Can't remember how much you spent on takeout last week? Not to worry — you can now easily search transactions on your mobile device.

How to Avoid the Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Creep

I think of lifestyle creep as a trap. It can trap you into living a certain way. It can trap you at a high paying job that you hate.

Trick Yourself Into Saving

Whether you’re trying to save up for a big purchase or crush debt, here are a few tricks to help you funnel more dollars toward your dreams.

How Kate Overcame Budgeting Guilt and Found Peace

Kate is no stranger to budgeting. After all, her mother is one of YNAB’s workshop teachers. But that doesn’t mean budgeting came easily.

My Crazy Ride on the Credit Card Float

If you’re on the credit card float, you’re effectively living on next month’s income! And, chances are, you're stressed. Learn how to stop.