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Quality Over Quantity: How to Change Your Mindset Around Gift Giving

How to Turn Student Loan Nightmares Into Sweet Dreams

How to Choose a Money Management Strategy

Stop searching: here's a zero-based budgeting strategy for people who don't want to cut out things they love.

Impulse Buying: How to Splurge Without Sabotaging Your Budget

Stop impulse buys from wrecking your finances without sacrificing joy. The YNAB Method isn't about cutting back, it's about planning ahead!

How to Make Money as a Teen

Learn ideas for how to make money as a teen. From tried-and-true traditional options to creative side hustles, the perfect summer job awaits.

Bye Now, Amazon

Looking for tips and tricks about how to save money on Amazon? Learn how one YNABer changed her online shopping habits—and her life.

Frugal Living Hacks

Living a more frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up on the things you love. Follow YNAB's Four Rules to live your best life...for less.

How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast

Are you ready to pay off student loans fast? Read more about the karate-chop strategy Ernie used to defeat his student loan balances!

7 Tips for Road Tripping on a Budget

Tis the season to learn about road tripping on a budget! Enjoy an adventure regardless of rising gas prices with these cost-saving tips.

Introducing Financial Wellness by YNAB

Your newest workplace benefit: less money stress! Build a happier, financially healthier team with the YNAB app and method.

6 Thrifting Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Inspired to cut back on clothes shopping, I entered the world of thrift shopping. These thrifting tips were exactly what my budget needed.

The Graduation Gift That Keeps on Giving

The best graduation gift: YNAB! Send your grad off into the “real world” with total control of their money.