Dave Crombleholme

Educator at YNAB

Dave teaches our free workshops, interacting with YNABers from all over the world. When he’s not teaching people about YNAB, he manages a homestead in Canada where he grows his own vegetables.

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Welcome To The Wish Farm!

After budgeting for set bills and saving for True Expenses, it's all about the Wish List. Budgeting is now a wish farm and the harvest is rich

What Should I Do With Extra Money?

Have you found yourself in the fortunate position of trying to decide what to do with extra money? Let's go through your best options.

Find the Money, First.

One night, I ate part of a 1984 Yamaha 1000cc motorbike. It wasn’t a very big part, mind you (just a throttle cable and part of its housing).

The Mythical Perfect Budget

Is there such a thing as a perfect budget? How about an ideal budget? YNAB teacher Dave breaks it down for you...