Ben Barlowe

Education Content Writer at YNAB

Ben Barlowe is a personal finance educator, public voice, and writer for YNAB. Ben is one-half of the dynamic duo behind Budget Nerds, a bi-weekly podcast he hosts with fellow YNAB educator Ernie Reppe. Ben also regularly hosts live chats on YNAB’s instagram page and presents YNAB’s habit-building method wherever he can! You’ll also find Ben fluttering around all the many active YNAB communities across the internet. 

Ben started using YNAB in 2013 and joined the team in 2016 as a workshop teacher. Since then, he has become a jack-of-all-trades, doing a little bit of everything for the YNAB team, always with a focus on education. Ben lives in Lynchburg, Virginia with his wife, four kids, and giant great dane puppy. When not teaching people about YNAB, Ben loves playing poker, D&D, and board games with his friends. He also loves hiking, swimming, and trying not to break his arm on his Onewheel.

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